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Privacy Principles of the web site directmarketingsoftwares.com

These privacy principles were prepared in order to determine the responsibilities of directmarketingsoftwares.com in respect to privacy. The following items set out the data collection and distribution rules applied by directmarketingsoftwares.com site. We will use your IP address for the purpose of eliminating the problems and managing our web site.

In the registration forum of our web page, customers or potential customers are expected to enter their contact information (such as name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc.), statistical data (such as age, annual income, etc.) and personal information (such as tax number, ID number, etc.). We use this data to provide our users with information on our company and other companies we select, campaign news and materials. Contact information shall also be used when we need to contact you and we will share it with other companies which would like to get into touch with you. Our users may opt for the erasure of their information on our system. The financial information collected will be used for the collection of the price of the products or services procured and other necessary related cases. Personal information will be used during the entry of the user to our system and other necessary cases for identity verification.